Sign Up for's Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal Solution - Trade Scan’s Vehicle Appraisal Solution comprises of the “Vehicle OEM Diagnostic & Appraisal” smartphone App and's Bluetooth OEM Quality OBD Device. The App + OBD Device when combined allow automotive dealers and wholesalers to make instant price value assessment of a Used Vehicle. The Vehicle Appraisal System is an essential tool that will inform dealers of Trouble Codes and potential issues with our integrated Bluetooth OBD Device that reads at an OEM Level. This in an innovative appraisal tool built by dealers for dealers.

Key Benefits for Dealers

Lightning-Fast Diagnostics: We provide OEM level diagnostics in 2-4 minutes while you are test driving a vehicle (if you like). So fast, you will know all about a vehicle in 5-10 minutes, speeding up the appraisal and buying time.

Hidden Codes uncovered: Do you want to read codes on vehicles, whether they have been deleted? can do that for you.

Cost Savings and Maximize Profit: How much would the knowledge of a bad transmission save you? can save you thousands of dollars by detecting codes that requires $1000+ to repair

Printable Report for negotiation: You can print a customer view which can be used as a negotiation tool that will show all the harmful codes diagnosed on that vehicle.

Accountability: Each appraisal report shows the name of the appraiser. This means accountability for that vehicle as long as it is in the dealership's possession.

Leading Integration Partners: The Vehicle Diagnostics & Appraisal App provides seamless real time integrations with Manheim MMR, Kelly Blue Book, JD Power, Black Book, Carfax & AutoCheck. Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal Solution Summary

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