Heavy Commercial Truck InspectionInstant Vehicle Diagnostics - By CarDr.comHeavy Commercial Truck InspectionHeavy Commercial Truck Inspection CarDr.com – Inspection or Appraisal

Car Inspection

For Retail Customers

Instant Vehicle OEM Diagnostics& Appraisal

For Car DealersInstant Vehicle DiagnosticsInstant OEM level Vehicle DiagnosticsCarDr.com – Inspection or Diagnostics

Car Inspection

For Retail Customers

Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal

For Car DealersCarDr.com – Inspection or Appraisal

Car Inspection

For Retail Customers

Vehicle Diagnostics & Appraisal

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Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal

OEM level Vehicle diagnostics

Vehicle History Report Partners

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Advanced On Board Diagnostics

  • 90%+ Coverage on vehicles sold in the US
  • OBD-II Codes – C, B, & P Codes –  DTC, ABS, SRS, TCM
  • Vehicle OEM Diagnostic & Appraisal App – OBD Scan

    Database Driven Appraisal Report

    Vehicle Inspection

    What a CarDr.com Used Car Inspection includes:

    • Vehicle History Check Summary: Detect previous vehicle damage. We are partnered with CARFAX, ensuring quality history data.
    • AI On-Board Diagnostic Scan: Check Engine light – diagnostic code detection: 4,000+ Codes
    • Emission / OBD Monitors: So it passes next emission test – $100 value
    • Fraud Detection – Odometer Rollback – 7% of car’s sold in the US have Odometer Fraud
    • Fraud Detection – Fake VIN – so you are not sold another car than you think
    • Mobile Application Based Comprehensive Inspection: customized for every vehicle type – so nothing is missed
    • 150+ check point inspection: Exterior, Interior, Tires/Wheels, Mechanical, Idle & Driving test*
    • 40+ Vehicle Photos + Inspections performed by a Vehicle Specialist
    • Real Time Inspection Scheduling & Status = Quick Turn Around, typically 1 business day

    Reliability Score – is based on Mechanical, Condition, Driving test, OBD Diagnostic data received from the Vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU), RPM test & exterior of the car.

    CarDr.com's Reliability Score

    Learn how CarDr.com’s reliability Score is calculated – based on exterior, interior, Mechanical, driving test & OBD Diagnostics

    CarDr.com AI SuggestedFair Market Value

    Learn how CarDr.com's suggested car's fair price is calculated - based on NADA, CarFax, Market Comps, exterior, interior, Mechanical, driving test & OBD Diagnostics

    Learn how CarDr.com’s suggested car’s fair price is calculated – based on NADA, CarFax, Market Comps, exterior, interior, Mechanical, driving test & OBD Diagnostics

    Integration Partners

    Integration Partner

    Appraisal App – 1000s of vehicle appraised

    1000s of Customers inspected their vehicle

    Testimonials of Auto Dealers

    Thousands of dollars saved at Used Car Trade-In’s

    $5000 worth of Defects Found on Trade In:  Texas Toyota Dealership 

    $3000 worth defect foundTexas Honda Dealership

    Electrical & AC System Defects: Lincoln-Ford dealer

    A hassle-free kind of happy


    I’m a hyper-critical New Yorker. If a service doesn’t perform to the standards they set forth, I speak up. 

    Fortunately, this service deserved high praise. I checked out them, and 3 of their competitors. I chose them because only they promised quick (as in next day for me, might be a bit different for you, but all the others said 2-4 business days) service, and delivered. Seamlessly…


    I had never used a car inspector before and from the initial call I made, I was informed of the process in detail and what to expect. From beginning to the end of the process couldn’t of gone any smoother. The inspector called me after reviewing the car and informed me of how the inspection went and explained everything clearly to me. I received the detailed report listing …

    Patty – Customer

    Ordered my inspection online about 5:45 pm, they inspected the vehicle and had the report to me the next night. Very thorough and worth the cost.


    States we provide vehicle inspection in

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