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CarDr.com’s is an automotive technology company that provides industry leading software services, hardware and services for “’Vehicle OEM Diagnostics, Appraisal & Vehicle Inspections”. CarDr.com’s products include “Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal” solution, Vehicle Inspection” Smartphone Apps, and OEM Level Bluetooth OBD detection Hardware.

CarDr.com  Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal:

Appraisal Report

CarDr.com OEM Level OBD Adapter:

CarDr.com OBD Adapter 2.0

CarDr.com OEM Level OBD Adapter

CarDr.com Vehicle Inspection Service:

& Mobile App (for approved inspectors)

Inspection Report

Inspection Report

CarDr.com's Dealer Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal Solutions:
The smartphone applications combined with the wireless OBD Adapter allow auto dealers to make instant OEM Diagnostics and price value assessment of a Used Vehicle. Diagnostic & Appraisal solutions are an important tool for dealers when accepting trade-in’s or purchasing car’s at Auctions. Learn More - CarDr.com Dealer Appraisal Solutions
OEM level Vehicle diagnostics

OEM level Vehicle diagnostics

CarDr.com Dealer Appraisal Solution Summary

CarDr.com Vehicle inspections Service: Are provided nationwide – using a comprehensive patent pending Vehicle Inspection mobile application so Nothing is missed. Therefore, the inspection is specific to every vehicle type and  nothing is missed. The mobile inspection application also connects to the vehicle's OBD using a Bluetooth scanner adapter which allows CarDr.com's state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to retrieve the vehicles On Board Diagnostics - which it uses to rank the vehicle for reliability

The CarDr.com's Vehicle Reliability Score  is based on all inspected parameters including External, Mechanical,  OBD emission monitors & OBD PID parameters ( such as fuel-trim - ratio of gasoline to air in the combustion engine) - so you know the true condition of the car. CarDr.com's  Artificial Intelligence then produces a vehicle inspection report with a reliability score - the likes of which the Auto Industry has never seen. Sample Inspection Report

CarDr.com Inc has numerous patents pending in the field of 
Automotive - diagnostics, valuations, inspection, reliability assessment and the Use of  Mobile Vehicle Inspection Mobile Apps to generate comprehensive Inspections reports that eliminate errors and detect common used vehicle frauds - like odometer fraud & VIN fraud.

CarDr.com  Leadership Team

CarDr.com Leadership Team

Chicago-land's CarDr.com Inc is taking the Used Car Industry by storm. All vehicle inspections are performed using patent pending vehicle inspection mobile application & real-time OBD diagnostic data. These comprehensive pre-purchase inspections of used vehicles are overseen by CarDr.com's AI and performed by certified auto inspectors who use the CarDr.com Vehicle Inspector Application ensuring a rigorous inspection.

During the Inspection, AI connects to the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) of the vehicle using our Inspector Application and a On Board Diagnostic Adapter. The AI reads every parameter of the car, from the engine RPM to the coolant temperature. The CarDr.com AI then presents the customer with Vehicle Inspection Report based on the in-depth steps below.

CarDr.com Team:

CarDr.com Inc is led by a strong team focused on bringing a breath of fresh air in the used car industry. 

Parry Singh has assembled top automotive industry minds, technicians, inspectors and Industry peers.


CarDr.com's OBD - On Board Diagnostic Adapter CarDr.com

CarDr.com's custom state-of-the-art On Board Diagnostic (OBD) Adapter

CarDr.com Services:

Online Retail Sales: 
with a nationwide offering of Pre-Purchase Vehicle inspections - for Pre-Purchase Inspections of Cars, Commercial Trucks - Heavy, Medium & Light, RV's & Motorcycles - Order Now

CarDr.com Corporate Sales: 
we provide Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Condition reports, OBD Diagnostics, Odometer Fraud Detection, Valuations to a variety of customers.

  • Vehicle Condition Report: Lease Returns, Dealers  and Auctions
  • Asset   Valuations: of all Vehicle types -  Banks, Credit Union & Insurance Companies & other Lending Institutions
  • Asset Verification &Tracking
Corporate Customers CarDr.com

Corporate Customers CarDr.com

For Corporate Sales Please call 1-800-932-1120 or email 

About Parry Singh, Founder & Chairman, CarDr.com Inc

Parry Singh CarDr.com Founder and Chairman

Parry Singh, Founder and Chairman, CarDr.com Inc

CarDr.com is founded by Parry Singh a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Parry Singh has won multiple awards - from Crain's Top 40 Under 40E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year and PERE's "Top 100 Real Estate Investors in the World".

Parry Singh has been featured in multiple TV shows - CNN, Martha Stewart etc. To learn more about Parry Singh LinkedIn & his personal website ParrySingh.com

Parry Singh has Founded:

1) Red Fort Capital - a $1.2 Billion ++ Real Estate Private Equity Fund group

2) Red Fort Capital Finance – an S&P Investment Grade Rated Non Bank Finance company

3) CarDr.com Inc - An AI lead Used Car Car Inspection and Diagnostic company

4) American Capital Realty – Sold over $1Billion in Real Estate in under 5 years

5) EthnicGrocer.com one of the most dynamic online food retail companies raised over $70M+ Million from marque investors.

At CarDr.com Parry has filed numerous patents in the filed of Automotive Valuation and Reliability. He leads CarDr.com's Automotive Technology, On Board Diagnostics, AI/Machine Learning, Marketing & Corporate Business Development.

At Red Fort Capital he has lead investments in over 34 deals over the last decade and a half. Deals include over 40 Million Sq. Ft of Commercial and Residential space across the country. He also oversees the lending activity of Red Fort Capital Finance – a Non Deposit taking Banking Finance company (NBFC).

Prior to Red Fort Capital Mr. Singh served as Managing Partner of American Capital Realty, a real estate brokerage firm overseeing more than $400 million in real estate transactions in the commercial and residential markets in North America. He has held a Real Estate Broker license in several US states including - IL, WI, CT and MA.

He was also the founder and CEO of EthnicGrocer.com - a Kliener Perkins and Benchmark Capital backed venture. Where he led the company through several rounds of institutional and strategic financing and managed a 250+ member team.

Prior professional experience includes investment banking at Chase Securities (now JPMorgan Chase), High Yield and Fixed Income groups. From 1993 to 1997, he worked in Motorola (Symbol) – in several Engineering  & Program Management positions.

He has served on the State of Illinois TechVenture Committee – advising the state on the $1.4 billion technology budget.

He has been a visiting speaker at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


MBA (Master of Business Administration) Kellogg – Northwestern University, Recipient Top Student award & Highest Order of Excellence

Master of Science (Electrical Engineering), State University of New York (Receipt Merit Scholarship)

Bachelor of Technology (Computer Engineering), Guru Nanak Dev University, India (graduated first in class)

Entrepreneur of the Year 2000
The 100 Most Influential of the Decade - PERE Magazine
Crains Top 40 Under 40

Crains Top 40 Under 40

YPO Member

YPO Member

CarDr.com Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

CarDr.com Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

CarDr.com’s  Car & Commercial Truck Inspection Process:
In one of the most comprehensive used car inspections processes the world has ever seen, CarDr.com is pleased to announce a four-step vehicle inspection process that integrates CarFax's in-depth vehicle history.

CarDr.com Used Car Inspection Steps

Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection Steps

1) Determining Car Damage History: CarFax Damage History

For each vehicle inspection conducted by a professional CarDr.Com inspector, CarDr.com integrates CarFax’s comprehensive damage history report to identify possible past issues regarding a vehicle.

Under the dynamic establishment of real-time data integration, each VIN scanned from a car using the CarDr.Com Inspector App, will correspond with a detailed and live damage report provided by CarFax. Thus, the combination of reliable auto-industry history reports by CarFax and an all-inclusive used car inspection process by CarDr.com - provides customers with an informative and conclusive vehicle condition report and a health score.

CarFax Vehicle Damage Report

CarFax Vehicle Damage Report

2) Physical Vehicle Inspection:

With more than 150+ touchpoints on the dynamic vehicle inspection checklist – for a car, truck, semi, or RV. A qualified CarDr.com inspector conducts an inspection using its pending CarDr.com Inspector App. 

The app incorporates historical damage data to strengthen the guided inspection process to. The vehicle inspection app is designed to analyze each aspect of the car in detail without compromising quality. This efficiency is for the benefit of the inspector and the used car buyer.

Inspector performing a vehicle inspection using CarDr.com APP

Inspector performing a vehicle inspection using CarDr.com APP

3) Read On-Board Diagnostics (OBD):

A vital step to the inspection process is CarDr.com's utilization of the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) readings. After inserting a state of the art CarDr.com Bluetooth OBD adapter into the vehicle's scanning port, the app proceeds to read and integrate diagnostics from the vehicle. The app then reads all Check Engine light codes, OBD monitors and captures live OBD parameters such as, fuel trim, MAF, MAP, etc., during the inspection’s idle and driving test.

CarDr.com OBD Car Scan port Adapter
bmw inspection near me

4) Vehicle Reliability Score:

Following the step-by-step vehicle inspection and comprehensive On-Board Diagnostic exam, the information is assembled and passed onto CarDr.com's AI, where a vehicle comparison is conducted. This comparison recognizes similar vehicles and contrasts the data obtained from the inspection to other cars. The vehicle is peer ranked and given a health score, which is part of the comprehensive vehicle inspection report.

The thorough, four-step process above ensures that the CarDr.com's Used Car Inspection Report is comprehensive and reliable to gauge the real value and the ownership cost of the "new, used vehicle." The auto-industry now witnesses a cutting-edge innovation in the combination of CarDr.com and CarFax to reshape the market of used car inspections.

Vehicle History

Comprehensive inspection

OBD & Error Analytics

AI - Peer  Ranking 

Step 1.
Fill Counter
carfax damage history

carfax damage history included in every vehicle Inspection

Step 2.
Fill Counter
Mechanical Inspection
Mechanical Inspection
Step 3.
Fill Counter
Inspector performing inspection & OBD Port Scan
OBD Adaptor CarDr.com
Step 4.
Fill Counter

Vehicle History:

For every Vehicle we inspect, we obtain damage history from CarFax to identify historical vehicle damage. 

Comprehensive App-based Professional Vehicle Inspection:

Using our Exhaustive, Patent-Pending CarDr.com Inspection App Our Professional vehicle car inspectors perform a 150+ checkpoint inspection

On Board Diagnostics (OBD):

OBD monitors and diagnostic data and Error Codes are read from the vehicle, using our OBD Scanner connected to the Vehilce Inspection APP. This data can show us current and potential future issues.

State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Our AI compares vital information - Emissions Monitors, Engine Load, Fuel trim, etc. to comparable peers to determine how the vehicle compares to others.

CarDr.com's Innovative Machine Learning, Extensive Vehicle Diagnostics,  Transparency, Real-Time Order Status and Advanced Automotive AI - ushers a breath of fresh air in the used car industry.

Below are the steps to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report once an Order is placed:

Steps to to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report Once you place an Order

Steps to to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report

CarDr.com puts the most advanced motor vehicle inspection AI available in the hands of trained auto inspection experts. CarDr.com’s AI listens to the car’s OBD while the engine is running. It scans for important vehicle diagnostic information as well as codes while the car is driven and parked. Real time OBD access scans the car’s vitals while connecting to servers to look for thousands of potential problems. CarDr.com has the largest car information database in the world with instant access to every potential Error Code generated by your vehicle. Access to these advanced OBD diagnostics for every manufacturer are not even available to service centers or dealers.

Our auto inspectors are experts with a history of performing full end-to-end vehicle inspections, from headlights to tailpipe and everything in between. CarDr.com enhances the ability of these inspectors to see the true condition of a vehicle. Their experience combined with CarDr.com’s advanced OBD AI allows the inspection to reveal more information than ever before.

CarDr.com’s mobile vehicle inspections are available wherever it is most convenient for you, and the orders are scheduled using our Real-Time order assignment.

The CarDr.com Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Report gives you the confidence that you are making the right decision. CarDr.com’s used car pre-purchase inspection service reveals everything you need to know before driving home.

What should every Used Car Inspection include?  

What should every Used Car Inspection include?

What should every Used Car Inspection include?

Used Car Inspection needs to be approached with a comprehensive checklist. To make a smart decision when inspecting a potential car use the Inspection Checklist.
Click here to download a PDF used car inspection checklist.

Our AI and Machine Learning partners: CarFin.com & CarFort.com 

Pragmatic Used Car Inspection - the science of car inspection.

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