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About - Used Vehicle Inspections, Doctor Like Precision Inc provides a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supervised Used Vehicle Inspection - performed Nationwide. These Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections of Used Cars are overseen by's AI and performed by trained auto inspectors - who use our Inspector App, ensuring a rigorous inspection.

During the Inspection the AI connects to the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) of the vehicle using our Inspector App and an Diagnostic Port Adapter. The AI reads every parameter from the car, from engine RPM to coolant temperature. The AI then presents you with Vehicle Inspection Report - based off the 4 steps below. 

Our Inspection Process
Everything starts with our Real-Time Order Assignment to our inspectors using our Inspector App, allowing customers to instantly track the status of their order. After order assignment, we follow our 4-step process:
1) Determine Car History: We run a CarFax damage report at the beginning of all inspections to identify past problems. We take pride in our real-time data integration with CarFax to obtain damage history for every vehicle inspected.
2) Perform Physical Inspection: 500+ touch point inspection performed by a qualified inspector using the patent pending Inspector App
3) Read OBD Data: DTC/ML Error Codes + OBD data capture, during an idle or a driving test.
4) Peer Comparison: AI-based vehicle comparison to similar vehicles.

This process ensures our Used Car Inspection Reports are consistent and comprehensive, while also being delivered instantly.

Vehicle History

Comprehensive inspection

OBD & Error Analytics

AI - Peer  Ranking 

Step 1.
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Car History Reports
Step 2.
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Mechanical Inspection
Mechanical Inspection
Step 3.
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Inspector performing inspection & OBD Port Scan
OBD Adaptor
Step 4.
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Vehicle History:

For every Vehicle we inspect, we obtain damage history from CarFax or AutoCheck to identify any potential issues.

Comprehensive App-based Professional Vehicle Inspection:

Using our Exhaustive, Patent-Pending Inspection App

On Board Diagnostics (OBD):

We read OBD data and any available Error Codes from the vehicle, using our OBD Scanner. This data can show us current and potential future issues.

State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Our AI compares vital information - Emissions Monitors, Engine Load, Fuel trim, etc. to comparable peers to determine how the vehicle compares to others.'s Innovative Machine Learning, Extensive Vehicle Diagnostics,  Transparency, Real-Time Order Status and Advanced Automotive AI - ushers a breath of fresh air in the used car industry.

Below are the steps to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report once you place an Order:

Steps to to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report Once you place an Order

Steps to to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report puts the most advanced motor vehicle inspection AI available in the hands of trained auto inspection experts.’s AI listens to the car’s OBD while the engine is running. It scans for important vehicle diagnostic information as well as codes while the car is driven and parked. Real time OBD access scans the car’s vitals while connecting to servers to look for thousands of potential problems. has the largest car information database in the world with instant access to every potential Error Code generated by your vehicle. Access to these advanced OBD diagnostics for every manufacturer are not even available to service centers or dealers.

Our auto inspectors are experts with a history of performing full end-to-end vehicle inspections, from headlights to tailpipe and everything in between. enhances the ability of these inspectors to see the true condition of a vehicle. Their experience combined with’s advanced OBD AI allows the inspection to reveal more information than ever before.’s mobile vehicle inspections are available wherever it is most convenient for you, and the orders are scheduled using our Real-Time order assignment.

The Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Report gives you the confidence that you are making the right decision.’s used car pre-purchase inspection service reveals everything you need to know before driving home.

“We love what we do and we hope you enjoy the power of advanced car heartbeat information – to improve your purchase odds” – Founder, Parry Singh, Inc. "We are bringing cutting edge technology to an otherwise antiquated industry"

What should every Used Car Inspection include?  

What should every Used Car Inspection include?

What should every Used Car Inspection include?

Used Car Inspections need to be approached with a comprehensive checklist. To make a smart decision when inspecting a potential car use the Inspection Checklist.
Click here to download a PDF used car inspection checklist.

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Pragmatic Used Car Inspections - the science of car inspection.