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Vehicle Appraisals - Data, Art & Science 

If you’re a professional car buyer, you would know that vehicle appraisals can have serious miscalculations due to human error, vehicle conditions, market supply, market demand, and incorrect OBD diagnostics. The advances in technology, however, have minimized the scope of error. A brilliant testament of that is's Vehicle Appraisal App. Equipped with worlds most powerful palm sized OBD adapter and integrated with several industry valuation services, this powerful tool can offer a vehicle’s appraisal report within minutes. Read ahead to know more about how it works and how you can use it to your advantage!

What's Looked At in the Vehicle Appraisal Process?

Vehicle appraisal is an important step before any used car is bought or sold. Nobody wants to get less than the car valued at. However, the process of vehicle appraisal is a little long-winded and filled with steps, tests, and scans. Let's break it down.



The most important aspect of a vehicle appraisal has to be the condition of the car. Every step, test, and scan is to assess the condition of the vehicle.

From its paint to its engine, every physical aspect of the car needs to be assessed.

The assessment is done through different tests and scans. Here are a few of the most important aspects that need to be looked into.

Engine Check Light: If the engine check light is on, it's not too big a deal. If it's been on for a very long time, it affects the valuation of the car. Any tampering with the engine check light can result in an even lower valuation.

Care: If there has been consistent care and upkeep of the vehicle, then it will be noticeable during an appraisal. Everything is noted during an appraisal, from oil changes, tire rotations, and alignments to when your engine is checked when the light is on.

Mileage: How much had the car driven? How good is the mileage? Has the necessary maintenance been done on the car as it climbed in miles?

Brakes: What are the conditions of the brakes? Maintenance and upkeep of the brake system are taken note of during appraisal for any purpose.

When it comes down to it, checking the condition of a car involves checking how well the car continues to drive.

At the same time, the appearance on the outside matters; what's under the hood matters more. There will be a test drive to check the engine and for any idle noises that could be concerning.

OBD Adapter 2.0

OBD Adapter 2.0


Demand And Supply

A large part of the appraisal value depends on the demand and supply of the car in question.

If the car is in perfect condition, the appraisal value is bound to be a lot higher. A car that is barely together will not have a high valuation.

Another important aspect is the rarity of the car. Many luxury or vintage cars can be appraised higher than even the best kept common car. However, even the rarest vintage car should be kept in the best value for the highest dollar.

OBD Data Example



If you are getting a luxury or high-end car appraised, then the mileage of the car may not matter as much as the customizations you have added to the car. Any premium features, upgrades, or customizations, including superior paint jobs, help raise the valuation of the car.

Photos & Appraisal Notes

Photos & Appraisal Notes

OBD Diagnostics

OBD or On-Board Diagnostics refer to the vehicle's ability to self-diagnose and report. The OBD system in any vehicle provides incredibly valuable information for the technician appraising the car. It offers an inside track into the actual condition of the car.

There are over 220 OBD parameters that a system keeps track of and using an OBD scanner gives a technician all the access to this necessary data.

A technician can access important information such as Engine RPM, Engine load, Vehicle speed, Throttle position, Fuel pressure, Fuel trim, Fuel system status, Coolant temperature, Intake air temperature, Intake manifold pressure, Air status MAF, air flow rate, and more through the OBD scans.

The OBD diagnostic is one of the most important steps in assessing the value of the car. While it does assess the condition of the car, it also prevents fraud. Since the system provides a whole range of data about several diagnostic trouble codes, it also provides information on anything that has been tampered with or replaced.

One example is the VIN, which, when replaced, can skew the valuation of the used vehicle. An OBD diagnostic test can point out such fraud and prevent any errors in calculating the value.

OBD scans can't be read by themselves; more often than not, the scans are compared with the owner's own manual and another repair manual. Other online resources will also work as a comparison for the original OBD scans. Using a comparison can help a technician find the issues in the used vehicle. 

Appraisal Report

Appraisal Report

How Can's Vehicle Appraisal App Help?

One of the world's smallest (44x28x22mm) form factor that easily fits into most vehicles

One of the world's smallest (44x28x22mm) form factor that easily fits into most vehicles

Vehicle appraisal is not a quick job. It takes hours of data collection and years of expertise to check a used vehicle and accurately estimate its value. Over time, there have been several tools to help with the process of vehicle appraisal. However, there's been none like's Vehicle Appraisal App. This revolutionary Vehicle Inspection system and app creates appraisal reports in no time to the credit of its exhaustive database. The integrated OBD bluetooth device is helpful in identifying the problem areas in the form of trouble codes. This device is well-equipped to read codes in multiple modules like SRS and ABS.

Through this detailed assessment, the app provides data and numbers to help create an accurate valuation for the used vehicle.

Vehicle History

As mentioned earlier, the vehicle history is an important indicator of the condition and lifetime of the car. Signs such as rust, peeling paint, and a check engine light on, all point to misuse and lower the valuation of a vehicle.'s vehicle appraisal app makes sure to consult a CarFax Damage and Flood report for every vehicle. This helps to identify any previous problems and calculate the value of the vehicle accordingly.

The history of a vehicle is about the servicing and changes that have been made to the original car. Certain additions or subtractions from the car can significantly lower the valuation of the car. Many try to scam mechanics by fiddling with the check engine lights, odometer, and other important vehicle parts.

The real-time data integration achieved by's technology allows for VIN fraud to be detected as well! All the mechanic needs to do is scan the VIN with the Inspector app, and the Carfax reports pop up on the screen.

Vehicle History Report Partners

Vehicle History Report Partners

OBD Diagnostics Of The Vehicle

After all those tests have been conducted and history has been looked through thoroughly comes the OBD diagnostics test. These tests generally require thousand-dollar machines. However, with the's Bluetooth OBD adapter, things get a lot easier and cheaper.

OBD data is necessary to assess the condition of the car as well. It is to make sure that the overall working of the car isn't down in the dumps. All the data that can point to the healthy inner working of a car is collected during the RPM and test drives. However, it requires the vehicle sellers' permission.

The OBD Data contains information about diagnostic trouble codes and over 200 OBD parameters, including fuel pressure, engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel trim, torque, VIN, vehicle speed, and more!

OBD Adapter 2.0

OBD Adapter 2.0

Multiple Valuation Services

Once the's Appraisal App has all the data, it runs it by several industry valuation services. The app comes integrated with the likes of Manheim MMR, Kelly Blue Book, JD Power,  and Black Book.

All these valuation services provide an estimated pricing for trade in and retail. The pricing is also categorized for clean, average, and rough vehicles.

Market Valuation Partners

Market Valuation Partners

Why Is It Good?

The Appraisal app is singularly useful for many different industries. Many may not see the use of such an app. Since there is an incredible amount of money already being spent on technology, it may not seem necessary.

After all, an app can also be inaccurate. However, the Appraisal App is different, making it better, and here's how!

Data, Data, And More Data

The app runs completely on data.

Whether it be the data received from the OBD scan, the VIN scan, or the Carfax report, a massive amount of data is being used by the Appraisal App to come up with a valuation.

A bright side to all this data is that any valuations made are relatively accurate and reliable.

The app isn't working on a wild hunch. It goes through the whole process before making a decision, even providing a report for mechanics to look over to understand the valuation. Not only does this lead to more trust in the app but in the valuation, that's come out.

Report's focus on data continues beyond the scope of the app.

The app does not leave the customers in the dust and wondering how it concluded the valuation it reached. It supplements its valuation with a solid report with all the details of the process.

Not only are there details about the make and model of the car, but a customer will even find a detailed entry about the performance of the car, what requires repair, and how much the repairs might cost in total.

Ease Of Use

What makes the app so fantastic is the ease of use. Even a beginner can use the appraisal app and CarDr Bluetooth OBD adapter with ease. In a few simple steps, any mechanic can get a vehicle appraisal done with ease.

Doesn't Skip A Step

The best part about the app isn't the quantum of data, connections, or reports provided at the end. It is how thorough the app is. It doesn't let mechanics skip a single step in the process of vehicle appraisal.

Supervised by a specialized AI, the mechanic and the app cannot skip a single parameter or test that needs to be conducted on the used vehicle. This way, the app, and the customer get the best results.


The's Appraisal App is a brand-new piece of technology that maximizes the resources around technicians while reducing overall costs.

By creating an app to keep track of appraisals, gather data, and provide a reliable valuation itself, the app saves time and accounts for human error. It proves its value without a test drive!

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