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Vehicle Inspector's - Apply Now - Hiring Nationwide

CarDr.com is looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated Vehicle Condition Inspectors who have a knack for cars and want an opportunity to join the fastest growing automotive inspection company. Our Vehicle Condition Inspector is the front-line of our company. They have extensive knowledge of vehicles and pride themselves on their ability to ensure quality inspections - explaining to our clients what they need to know in a way they can understand.

CarDr.com performs the Auto Industry’s most Comprehensive Inspection – using a patent pending vehicle Inspection APP (IOS & Android) + Advanced OBD Diagnostics + state-of-the-art AI. Learn More - Science of Car Inspection.

How you as a Vehicle Inspector for CarDr.com will earn money:

At CarDr.com we provide a pre-purchase inspection of a used vehicles to retail and corporate customers. We pride ourselves with the most comprehensive vehicle inspection report. All orders received are assigned to a local vehicle inspector – who has been approved, has the CarDr.com vehicle inspector App, CarDr.com OBD Adapter that connects to the App.

As an approved inspector you are assigned a territory – orders received are distributed real-time via the App to available & approved inspectors. Typically, an inspector can see 2 - 6 inspections a day, based on market size and conditions. So, we expect hard working inspectors to make over $350 a day. We pay $50 - $100 per inspection, based on vehicle type and your expertise & quality of inspections.

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CarDr.com Vehicle Inspector IOS App for Apple Iphones

CarDr.com Vehicle Inspector IOS App

CarDr.com Android APP

CarDr.com Android APP

Vehicle Inspector - Duties:

  • Conduct inspections of vehicles at franchise, independent dealerships and private sellers to detect damage, missing parts and mechanical problems
  • Submit a report of vehicle condition using CarDr.com's comprehensive Inspector App
  • Maintain knowledge of current and aged vehicle issues.
  • Travel to franchise, independent dealerships and private sellers to inspect, write condition reports
  • Take overall and damage photos of vehicle, and upload using the Car Inspector APP
  • Must be comfortable communicating with dealers as well as private sellers
  • OBD - On Board Diagnostic Adapter CarDr.com

    OBD - On Board Diagnostic Adapter CarDr.com

    Vehicle Inspector Qualifications:

    - High School Diploma or equivalent required
    - 1 - 3 years of experience in the automobile field (i.e., inspections, body/mechanic shop, etc.) strongly preferred
    - Have CarDr.com OBD Adapter included in the Inspector Initiation Kit at a discounted price - $29.99
    - Basic Inspections (Electronic Condition Report), vehicle grading
    - Body, paint and mechanical repair knowledge
    - Valid driver's license and safe driving record required
    - No previous DUI/DWI/DWAI and no restrictions on driving commercial vehicle
    - Reliable transportation to travel to inspections sites and to and from home office
    - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required
    - Must have a smartphone/tablet - Android or IOS, so you can use our patent pending Vehicle Inspection APP to conduct inspections
    - Strong technical aptitude
    - Tire pressure gauge
    - Tire tread-depth gauge
    - Ability to stand, walk, or sit for prolonged periods of time.
    - Ability to bend, stoop, squat or kneel
    - Ability to lift and hold at least 10 lbs at waist level
    - Ability to lift up to 30 lbs
    - Ability to drive a manual & automatic transmission
    - Ability to work outside in the elements for extended periods of time

    The OBD Bluetooth Adapter is used with CarDr.com APP for:

    • OBD Monitors
    • DTC / Error Codes
    • OBD RPM Test
    • OBD Driving Data Collection

    OBD Monitors

    OBD Monitors

    For Approved Inspectors ONLY:   
    Buy: OBD Instruction Kit - includes CarDr.com OBD Adapter

    Vehicle Inspector Induction Steps

    Vehicle Inspector Induction Steps

    Position Available: Nationwide

    Employer: CarDr.com Inc, Tower Floor, 1415 West 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL 60523