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Used Car Loan Market Share

Used Car Loan Providers - by Market Share is the one stop solution to allow credit unions and banks to  understand the value of the vehicle (asset) so that can give an appropriate LTV and interest rate for the risk they are taking by underwriting used auto loans.

Over the last decade, credit unions have gained significant market share of the auto loan market, filling a need for their members, while delivering favorable rates relative to competitors.  Credit unions took advantage of the void in the market left by banks and gained significant share across all credit tiers except subprime.  With this focus and growth in their portfolio, there is significant risk that comes with that, putting pressure on underwriters to understand an accurate assessment of the vehicle.  

Through its trained vehicle inspectors and it proprietary AI technology, will be loan officers’ eyes and ears inspecting used vehicles accurately and efficiently, delivering true market value of the vehicle.  The’s AI Fair market value of the vehicle will allow the lender to assess and structure loans to fully understand the risk of this asset backed loan.

Vehicle Valuation & Inspection Report

Used Car AI Suggested Market Value

Used Car AI Suggested Market Value & Reliability Score

Vehicle Valuation Report

Vehicle Valuation Report

Valuation Accuracy

AI Analytics Valuation: AI Suggested Vehicle Price Fair Market Price

Receive accurate and transparent retail price value on the used vehicle, based on actual condition – NOT just JD Power and CarFax


Quick turnaround, typically within 24 business hours.

Value Add & Convenient

Delighted credit union members: By partnering with, lenders will further cater to their borrowers – helping them to buy a more reliable used car with better long-term value. So the Used Vehicle buyers can feel more confident in their purchase.

How do you get a AI Market Value Report  & Inspection Report?

Step 1:  Borrowers applying for an auto loan should schedule a vehicle inspection online at or call 1-800-932-1120. instantly assigns the vehicle inspection to a local inspector - who uses’s comprehensive vehicle inspection application and OBD adapter, so nothing is missed!

Step 2: provides a Vehicle Inspection Report with a AI Fair market Value – Typically within minutes of the inspection. The process usually takes less than 4 business hours - so that the lender and borrower are comfortable with the loan/purchase.

Every Inspection Report includes

  • ***AI Suggested Vehicle Fair Price***
  • CarFax Vehicle Damage History Report
  • AI On-board Diagnostic Scans
  • Emission/OBD Monitors
  • Fraud Detection - Odometer rollback
  • Fraud Detection - Fake VIN
  • Mobile Application Based Comprehensive Inspection
  • 150+ check point inspection
  • Real-time updates and Quick Turnaround (typically within 4 business hours)