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Used Vehicle Inspections by are performed nationwide - using a rigorous 150+ Check Point Vehicle Inspection Process, guided by a patented Vehicle Inspection that integrates real time vehicle damage history,  connects to the Vehicles On Board Diagnostics (OBD) to gather pending and upcoming OBD issues. We Inspect all vehicles - from Cars, Trucks, Semi's, RV's to Motorcycles.

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Vehicle Inspection service by state - please select the state:'s Vehicle Inspection process is: a Comprehensive 4 Step Process

1) Vehicle damage history - real-time integration with CarFax for damage history for all vehicles inspected

2) Comprehensive 150+ Checkpoint point Vehicle Inspection: guided by's Patent Pending mobile application -  so attention to every detail is consistent

3) Exhaustive On Board Diagnostics (OBD) tests to determine current & unattended check engine error codes and other OBD indicated potential vehicle faults.

4) AI supervised vehicle inspection and peer inspection data comparison

The above 4 steps result in a Used Vehicle Inspection Report  - that gives you the satisfaction of knowing the True Health of the Vehicle, to help you make the right decision on your new used vehicle. Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Used Car & Truck Inspection, Doctor Like Precision Inc provides a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supervised Used Vehicle Inspection - performed Nationwide. These Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections of Used Cars are overseen by's AI and performed by trained auto inspectors - who use our Inspector App, ensuring a rigorous inspection.

During the Inspection the AI connects to the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) of the vehicle using our Inspector App and an Diagnostic Port Adapter. The AI reads every parameter from the car, from engine RPM to coolant temperature. The AI then presents you with Vehicle Inspection Report - based off the 4 steps below. 

Our Vehicle Inspection Process
Everything starts with our Real-Time Order Assignment to our inspectors using our Inspector App, allowing customers to instantly track the status of their order. After order assignment, we follow our 4-step process:

1) Determine Car History: We run a CarFax damage report at the beginning of all inspections to identify past

 problems. We take pride in our real-time data integration with CarFax to obtain damage history for every vehicle inspected.

2) Perform Physical Inspection: 500+ touch point inspection performed by a qualified inspector using the patent pending Inspector App

3) Read OBD Data: DTC/ML Error Codes + OBD data capture, during an idle or a driving test.

4) Peer Comparison: AI-based vehicle comparison to similar vehicles.

This process ensures our Used Car Inspection Reports are consistent and comprehensive, while also being delivered instantly.

Steps to to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report Once you place an Order

Vehicle Inspection Report typically within 8 business hours.