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Hiring Account Managers

Make over $100,000 a year selling the most innovative Car Industry Product to Used Car Dearlships.

CarDr.com is seeking to hire Account Managers to expand its clientele among auto dealers by promoting its Auto Diagnostic & Appraisal subscription service. This innovative product offers a comprehensive, data-driven vehicle appraisal and diagnostic, providing accurate and unbiased information to dealerships. The Account Manager role involves building strong relationships with potential clients, showcasing the value of CarDr.com's subscription service, and driving sales through effective communication and presentation skills.

Why Work at CarDr.com?
Hear Doug Fuller  share his experience ... please click on the video below.

Responsibilities of Account Manager
-Product knowledge & a comprehensive sales pitch (Get familiar with automotive industry terms)
- REQUIRED: Must be able to drive to visit potential dealerships to demo the product, educate & close sale
- Making calls arranging appointments with potential sign-ups
- Receiving phone calls and servicing existing assigned accounts
- Maintaining client relations with monthly visits
- Work with CarDr.com Admin to manage account payments
- Manage the sales of CarDr.com Bluetooth OBD Adapters
- Account Manager works their own hours and schedule.  

Compensation:  100% Commission Based. Percentage of a: New Sales b:Percentage of Residual Sales c:  Percentage of package Upgrades - for accounts you maintain and service.

The Account Manager' Compensation Plan:

Typical Commission: Year 1: $75,000 +; Year 2: $140,000+, Year 3: $150,000+

  • Fresh Sales: Account managers will receive a one-time payment equal to 100% of the first month's subscription payment for each new account they sell.
  • Residual Compensation: Account managers will receive ongoing compensation for active accounts as follows:
    • 50% of the subscription payment for the second month
    • 40% of the subscription payment for the third month
    • 35% of the subscription payment for months 4-12
    • 4% of the subscription payment for second year and third year
    • 1% of the subscription payment for the fourth year and beyond.

Residual compensation – payable only on the active accounts. They will be issued a 1099 at the end of the calendar year. *Calculations based on 5 sales a month.

Steps Start as CarDr.com Account Manager:

Step1:  Please Read marketing Material and more information at https://cardr.com/hiring/ 
Step 2: please watch the video below to get a quick overview. https://youtu.be/ZVEOhhD3NMg 
Step 3: If interested please read the agreement:https://cardr.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Account-Manager-CarDr.com_.pdf 
Step 4sign the PDF and email to jobs@cardr.comEmail Executed PDF + attach a copy of your resume to jobs@cardr.com
Step 5: get trained - typically 2/3 hrs. so learn about the product and login.

Step 6: Receive OBD Adaptor's and Login to provide Demo's to Dealerships

Start Selling and Making Money !

Account Manager Projected Annual Compensation calcualtion is Based on 5 Rooftops sold per month

Commission Compensation

Commission Compensation

The CarDr.com  Vehicle Appraisal System is an essential tool that informs dealers of  OEM level Trouble Codes and potential issues using the  integrated Bluetooth OBD Device that reads 90%+ diagnostic codes. The Vehicle Appraisal system is an innovative appraisal tool built by dealers for dealers.

The App is  coupled with real time integrations with all of the industry valuation services from Manheim MMR, JD Power. As well as integrated Vehicle History Reporting from  Autocheck.


Account Manager CarDr.com Compensation

Hiring Account Managers 

When is CarDr.com's ScanTrade Used by Auto Dealers:

  • When accepting trade-in's
  • At Auctions
  • When purchasing wholesale

WHY is CarDr.com's ScanTrade used?

  • OEM Level Scans: Save thousands by avoiding B,C,U & P Codes
  • Patterned Component Failure - tells you what component caused the DTC failure
  • Labor Cost - to repair the code
  • Part - order parts

CarDr.com TradeScan Tri Fold

CarDr.com TradeScan Tri Fold

CarDr.com Vehicle Appraisal App Brochure