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How long does it take to receive a Vehicle Inspection Report?

What does's Vehicle Inspection include?


Vehicle Inspection Process, qualifications & Tools 

On Board Diagnostic (OBD) Data - What is it and why is it important? 

Vehicle Inspector App? 

Can I get the Inspection App?

Does have an available customer app?

Can I place my order outside regular business hours?

What are's certification and qualification requirements for inspectors? 

How can I apply to be a vehicle inspector? 

What if the vehicle owner won’t allow the inspector to conduct the test drive during an inspection? 

Is there a Vehicle Inspection Report guarantee?

Do you check cylinder compression?

Does provide vehicle registration / emission tests? 

Do parking lot inspections require a car lift? 

Where can I get the Inspection App?

What is's coverage area? 

How can I schedule an inspection? 

What are's Inspection prices?

What does a Sample Inspection Report look like? 

What if the vehicle is sold by the seller prior to the inspection date?                                                                  

Can I change the vehicle I ordered an inspection on?

Where does perform Vehicle Inspections?

Inspection report for obtaining a loan for a vehicle?

Can I speak with the inspector who conducted my inspection following receiving the report? 

Is able to fulfill specific requests? 

Can a Vehicle Inspector verify the title of a vehicle?

Will the inspection report include an estimated value for the vehicle?

How do I view my inspection report online?

How late can I cancel a scheduled inspection without penalty?

Payment Types & Security

Order Cancellation Policy