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Vehicle Inspection by CarDr.com - what does it include?

Time ? How Long does it take to get a Vehicle Inspection Report?

What does a pre-purchase inspection entail?

Vehicle Inspector Qualifications & Tools 

OBD - On Board Diagnostic Data - What is it and Why?

Inspector App

Can I get the CarDr.com Inspection App?

Customer App

Can I place my order outside regular business hours?

Does the mechanic put the car on a lift?

What are CarDr.com certify inspector’s qualification ?

What happens if the vehicle owner won’t allow the inspector to conduct test drive?

Are CarDr.com inspectors ASE certified mechanics?

Is an Inspection Report guaranteed?

When do I pay for the Vehicle inspection?

Does the inspector check cylinder compression?

My registration has expired. Can I hire you to do an inspection?

To apply to be a vehicle inspector

Coverage area



Sample Inspection Report

Car Sold by Seller before inspection

Referral discounts

Can I change the vehicle I ordered an inspection on?

Where does CarDr.com perform Vehicle Inspections?

Can I use your report for obtaining a loan for a vehicle?

Do you inspect Hybrid and Electric vehicles?

Can the Inspector call me after the inspection?

Special Requests? 

Does the mechanic check the title or verify any background on the vehicle?

Will the inspector report include an estimated value for the vehicle?

How do I view my inspection report online?

What payments options are offered?

How late can I cancel a scheduled inspection without penalty?

Cancellation Policy

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