Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspection Advantages for Car Dealers

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  • Enhance Seller’s Transparence: A third party inspection protects more than just the buyer.  When a third-party inspection is conducted prior to the purchase of a vehicle, the condition of the vehicle is shown to the buyer in detail.  Defects of the vehicle can be found during the inspection that were unknown to the seller.  When the issues are revealed prior to the sale, the buyer and the seller can negotiate how to resolve them.  This shows the buyer that the seller is being as transparent as possible and leaves both parties happy with the transaction, which in turn allows for repeat customers and customer referrals back to the dealer.
  • Avoid Transportation Damage Claim: Out of state transactions often require a vehicle to be transported on a truck.  It is not uncommon for damage to occur in the transportation process.  When a third-party inspection takes place, the seller has a detailed cosmetic and mechanical condition report of what the vehicle was like prior to being put on a transport truck.  If the vehicle is damaged in the transportation process the seller has strong evidence of the condition the vehicle was in prior to it leaving his location. 
  • Enhance Credibility: A third party inspection can give credibility to the seller.  Most dealers want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to selling a vehicle.  However, the public's view of a used car dealer is often skewed by the bad reputation the used car industry has.  By having the vehicle inspected by a third party prior to the sale it allows the buyer to compare the original condition report that was sent by the seller.  More often than not, the reports will be identical which shows the buyer that the seller is making an honest transaction about the condition of the vehicle.
  • Reduces Transaction Cost and Post Transaction Heat: A third party inspection takes the heat off the seller in the event an issue was not identified.  If after the sale an issue is identified on the vehicle that was not announced by the seller, and missed in the inspection the seller can argue that the blemish was overlooked by more than one party, and the blemish may have occurred after the sale. 
  • Sold as Advertised: A third party inspection allows the seller to show complete transparency to the buyer about the product that is being sold.  It shows the buyer that seller is making every attempt to sell his product as advertised and without prejudice. 
  • VIN Fraud Detection:’s patented OBD Inspection APP does a 4-point VIN Check to catch VIN fraud 99.99% of the time.
  • Odometer Fraud Detection:’s patented OBD Inspection APP and AI work in Conjunction with CarFax and On-Board Diagnostics to catch Level 1 & 2 Odometer fraud that accounts for > 4% used car sales litigations

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