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Quick & Comprehensive Used Car Inspection & Diagnostics

Why CarDr.com for a Corporate Inspection or Auction

Better Tools


Bluetooth OBD

Lightning-fast OEM Level Diagnostics in 2-4 minutes while you test drive the vehicle. Pocket Sized Bluetooth OBD Adapter which makes it easy to carry. 90%+ Coverage of all vehicles sold in the US. Easy to understand description of all codes. Get patterned component failure to estimate labor hrs. and parts cost to repair DTC codes.

Vehicle Appraisal App - OBD Scan

Repair Cost Estimation

Repair Labor Cost

AI Analytics

AI Peer Ranks

Following the inspection, the AI processes &compares the OBD parameters & inspection results of the inspected vehicle to hundreds of vehicles to arrive at the "Reliability score" of the vehicle. 

The AI can then provide the customer with a reliable estimation price of the vehicle. This is the AI Suggested Fair Market Value.

AI Reliability Score - "Excellent", Good, Fair, Poor, Bad - AI Generated based on All Facts

 Condition Report

The thorough Inspection generated includes the vehicles Reliability Score based on the exterior, interior, Mechanical & OBD engine Codes. We retrieve the codes while the vehicle is in idle and while on a test drive.  

The Inspection reports are created immediately once the inspection is complete and then emailed directly to the customer.  Our engineers have created a data base to fulfill multiple photos of what was inspected on the vehicle to the customer in the report. Please see sample vehicle inspection reports.

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Reliability Score - is based on Mechanical, Condition, Driving test, OBD Diagnostic data received from the Vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU), RPM test & exterior of the car.

CarDr.com's Reliability Score

Learn how CarDr.com's reliability Score is calculated - based on exterior, interior, Mechanical, driving test & OBD Diagnostics

CarDr.com AI Suggested
Fair Market Value

Learn how CarDr.com's suggested car's fair price is calculated - based on NADA, CarFax, Market Comps, exterior, interior, Mechanical, driving test  & OBD Diagnostics

Learn how CarDr.com's suggested car's fair price is calculated - based on NADA, CarFax, Market Comps, exterior, interior, Mechanical, driving test & OBD Diagnostics

What a CarDr.com Used Car Inspection includes:

  • Advance OBD-II Diagnostics – one of the best in the industry
  • Emission / OBD Monitors: OBD – AI OBD  Diagnostics & Live Emission Monitors
  • Vehicle History Check Summary: Detect previous vehicle damage. We are partnered with CARFAX, ensuring quality history data
  • Fraud Detection - Odometer Rollback - 7% of car's sold in the US have Odometer Fraud
  • Fraud Detection - Fake VIN - so you are not sold another car than you think
  • Mobile Application Based Comprehensive Inspection: customized for every vehicle type - so nothing is missed
  • 150+ check point inspection: Exterior, Interior, Tires/Wheels, Mechanical, Idle & Driving test*
  • 40+ Vehicle Photos + Inspections performed by a Vehicle Specialist
  • Vehicle Reliability Grade & True Value
  • Real Time Condition Report

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CarDr.com’s Vehicle Inspection Process

Click on each step to see details

Step 1: VEHIcle histry check: reported damage, flood damage

Car History is important to understand to help detect prior issues. We look for Total Loss, Structural Damage, Airbag Deployment, Odometer Check, Accidental damage, Recalls & Flood Damage. We are partnered with CARFAX to provide top-quality, up-to-date vehicle history information.

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the key to the car history report. The VIN numbers are 17-digit VIN are an equivalent of the car’s Social Security number

Step 2:  150+ Check Point Mobile Application Based vehicle inspection - so Nothing is Missed

The vehicle inspection is conducted by qualified inspectors using a comprehensive app to ensure nothing goes undetected. The principal components inspected are: the exterior, interior, mechanical, electrical, under-carriage, error codes, On Board Diagnostic (OBD) review and a test drive.

Exterior Inspection

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Mechanical Inspection

Mechanical Inspection

CarDr Inspection Touch Points include: 

 Driver Side Front Panel, Driver Side Front Door, Driver Side Rear Door, Driver Side Rear Panel, Rear Windshield,Rear Trunk, Rear Bumper, Passenger Side Front Panel, Passenger Side Front Door, Passenger Side Rear Door, Passenger Side Rear Panel, Front Windshield, Front Hood, Front Bumper, Top/Roof, Headlight Left, Headlight Right, Exterior Paint Condition, Frame Damage, Rust, Tail Lights, Directional Lights Left, Directional Lights Right, Sunroof,Door Mirrors, Side Mouldings, Convertible Top, Body Seals, Rocker panel, Back-up Camera, Wiper Blades, WindShield Washer, Body Alignment, Antenna, Body repair, Steering Wheel, Sun Visors, Horn, Cruise Control, Seat Condition, Heated Seats, Seat Belts, Clock, Radio/Nav, Inner Door Panels, Interior Trim, Power Locks, Window Switches, Window Function, Center Console, Dashboard, Dashboard Warning Lights, Stereo Sound Level, Air Conditioning, Heater, Rear Defroster, Carpet, Floor Mats, Cigarette Use, Unusual Odors, Cup Holders, Upholstery, Headliner, Blower Motor, Dash Gauges,Odor,Interior Grade,Air Filter,Battery Condition,Charging System,Cooling Fan Condition,Radiator Cap Sealing,Hoses,Radiator,Engine Coolant,Coolant Leaks,Belts,Power Steering, Steering Fluid, Engine Oil, Engine Fluid Leaks, Engine, Transmission Fluid, Transmission Leaks, Brake System, Brake Fluid Leaks, Transfer Case Leaks,Differential leaks, Exhaust System,CV Joints and Axles, Shocks and bushings, Ball Joints and Tie Rods,Key Fob, Tire Manufacturer/Brand, Left Front Tire, Left Rear Tire,Right Rear Tire,Right Front Tire, Spare Tire, Wheels, Wheel Lug Nuts, Undercarriage, Accessories, Engine Starting, Engine, Transmission, Clutch, Differential Performance,Transfer Case Performance, Wheel Bearing Performance, Brakes, Parking Break, Suspension Performance, Steering, Tire Pressure System (TPMS), Manual Gear's Shift & Computer Diagnosis & On Board Diagnostics (OBD).

Step 3:  Vehicle "OBD" Diagnostics + OBD Monitors + DTC Error Codes $200 Value

CarDr.com's Inspector App scans the OBD using an advanced connected scanner.

  • Check Engine Light Codes - 4,000+ DTC Codes interpreted 
  • OBD Monitors - Emission Monitors - so you know of the vehicle will pass next state emission test
  • OBD Parameters - The AI scans all "On Board Diagnostic" parameters -- from RPM, engine oil temperature, engine load, to throttle position at a particular speed and during acceleration to look for vehicle engine performance and predictive analysis


OBD - On Board Diagnostic Adapter CarDr.com

OBD - On Board Diagnostic Adapter CarDr.com

OBD Monitors

OBD Monitors

Our AI puts a finger on the vehicle’s pulse - reads its heartbeat and has the ability to see how its vitals change during a test drive. The AI scans 23 live parameters from RPM, engine oil temperature, engine load, and throttle position at a particular speed and during acceleration.With these data points, the AI can tell how hard your car has to work at getting up to speed, if it needs help staying cool, and what types of repairs might be needed (both immediately or down the road).

Step 4:  AI Lead Peer comparison


Power of Peer to Peer Comparison by CarDr.com

Following the inspection, the AI processes and compares the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) parameters and inspection results of the inspected vehicle to hundreds of vehicles to arrive at the "health score" of the vehicle. This "health score", or in other words, the CarDr.com's Reliability Score  provides the customer with a reliable estimation of the vehicle.