Vehicle Inspection Steps


How to Inspect a Used Car – Inspection Checklist

Used Car Inspection Checklist: Follow these 9 steps to ensure you cover all your bases and find a vehicle that’s worth your hard-earned money.
-Check Mileage
-Check the vehicles’ history report
-Investigate the Car’s History
-Examine for Rust and Paint discoloration
-Tire Inspection – examine for wear
-Check Undercarriage and look for leaks on the ground
-Open the Hood
-Lights: Headlight, Taillights and Signal Lights
-Driving Test
-Professional Inspection

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  • Ram
  • March 30, 2020

What Should You Expect From a Inspection Report?

Used Car Inspection, Doctor-Like PrecisionAt our goal is to provide the True Facts of the Vehicle. Our automobile Inspection is done in 4 comprehensive vehicle inspection steps.  First, used car inspections start with Car History – to see if the car’s been in any prior issues or accidents etc. The AI then assigns the order […]

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