What Should You Expect From a CarDr.com Inspection Report?

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Used Car Inspection, Doctor-Like Precision

At  CarDr.com our goal is to provide the True Facts of the Vehicle. Our automobile Inspection is done in 4 comprehensive vehicle inspection steps. 

 First, used car inspections start with Car History - to see if the car’s been in any prior issues or accidents etc. The AI then assigns the order to the closest certified  professional inspector. The inspector then performs the inspection using CarDr.com Inspector App to check every imaginable facet of the car – using the process of  the APP. The patent pending APP starts with multiple reviews of every side of the car to confirm nothing is missed in an inspection. The app records everything from the error codes to OBD to recording the test drive. CarDr.com   evaluates the  On Board Diagnostic data as well as any ML/ DTC error codes. Based on the car's  make, model, and trim has unique aspects, so we built that consideration into our Inspector app. The comprehensive reports includes history, every scratch, Error Code and AI's view of the onboard diagnostics. We love cars, so we want to help you get the best facts of the car – so you can get the best possible value for your money.

used car inspection service

CarDr.com's Inspection Report - Key Parts

  1. Car History
  2. Comprehensive APP based Used Car Inspection
  3. DTC/ML Error Codes Results
  4. OBD Scan results
  5. AI-based Peer comparison to other similar car's - so you know if the Inspected Vehicle is good value

You shouldn’t ever need to ask yourself what condition something is in once you drive off in a new-to-you used car.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Car History

Car History Reports

Car History Reports

Car History is important to understand to understand prior potential vehicle damage and service history. At CarDr.com we typically take multiple sources of car history and they can include AutoCheck and Carfax etc. which helps uncover past damage and past service issues if available.


Vehicle history reports are a key part of a used-car purchase – if they share the vehicle's past – service, accident and repair history. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the key to the car history report. The VIN numbers are 17-digit VIN are an equivalent of the car's Social Security number 

Physical Inspection

Car Inspection - App Based

Car Inspection - App Based

Our physical inspection is conducted using a comprehensive app which ensures that nothing is left un-inspected. The APP has a scientific flow and process - that helps us cover most parts that can be covered in a parking lot inspection.

During the used car inspection, is able, the inspector will take the car out for a short (roughly five minutes) test drive as well as checking it over at idle. During the drive they hope to detect if the drivetrain components need help, whether any tires are in need of replacement or rotation, and if any parts, like tie rods, that keep the ride smooth are struggling.

OBD data is also collected by the inspector APP during the drive - this data can point out key issues - like if the Engine Load, given the throttle position and RPM is too high or Engine Coolant temperature should not be where it is. We try our best - but please be mindful this is a parking lot inspection and sellers/car dealers can try many sketchy things. However, given the multiple check points by CarDr.com – from OBD data, History, Inspection and IBD - we hope to help you catch most. This process robustness makes us proud to call our service “The Science of Car Inspection”.

OBD Scan and Analytics

OBD Data From Car

OBD Data From Car

Our Inspector APP scans the OBD - On Board Diagnostics Data from the vehicles computer – using a custom OBD reader - to get a feel for its condition. From the port it retrieves live 23 parameters using them we are able to put our finger on the vehicle’s pulse, read its heartbeat, and see how its vitals change during a test drive. Your used car inspection report will include information such as coolant and engine oil temperature, engine load, and throttle position.With these data points, you can tell how hard your car has to work at getting up to speed, if it needs help staying cool, and what types of repairs might be needed—whether immediately or down the road.

The OBD Parameters scanned include: Fuel system status , Engine load, Coolant temperature, Fuel trim,Fuel pressure, Intake manifold pressure, Engine RPM, Vehicle speed, Throttle position etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Based Comparison

AI OBD Data Comparison

AI OBD Data Comparison

AI-based used car comparison is just one of the unique features of CarDr.com’s used car inspection reports. This feature compares your vehicle against every other vehicle we have ever inspected. By drawing these comparisons with AI, we can tell you how your car performs, as well as how it should be performing, at a given mileage and vehicle age.

When we compare OBD scanner data points, such as engine load, we can tell how efficient a vehicle is, while other parameters such as coolant and engine oil temperature can be directly indicative of potential issues, such as radiator blockage or thermostat failure. Similarly, if fuel trim is different, you may have some clogging in the fuel system.

Car Inspection Report by CarDr.com

Car Inspection report CarDr.com

Car Inspection report CarDr.com

Inspection Process Result

Inspection Process Result

Our Vehicle Inspection Report is a simple to read comprehensive summary of facts about the car and a very helpful True Grade.

It's a report that can help you understand the value of your purchase. We hope you can learn current repair needs, directly helping to set your expectations for a transaction. Don’t pay more for a lower quality used car, get the full story—from the vehicle itself. Even if someone tampers with the odometer readings (how far the car has been driven), our scans tell you that—and exactly how far it has actually driven.

Real Time Status Transparency from Order to Inspection Report in your hands

CarDr.com Inspection Order Flow

CarDr.com Inspection Order Flow

Once you place an order, the order is offered to certified inspectors based on their proximity and schedule that matches best with the seller. All parties are intimated of the Inspection schedule.

The inspection starts with the Inspector scanning the Vin code and plugging in the OBD reader that connects to his Inspector APP. CarDr.com is updated real time as the inspection progresses and the Driving test is performed. The status is shared from Order to assignment to completion in near real time. Giving you the best service and NOT a "Will do when able" of most of our competitors.

The sophistication of the Inspector APP which standardizes the process, to the Error Code retrieval form the OBD and the driving OBD data ( which is unparalleled to a real time status update makes CarDr.com the most innovative Car Inspection service in the market by far.

We love cars and hope you do as well. Even if you don’t, however, we still strive to enrich your used car purchasing experience with information at your fingertips. We wouldn’t buy a lemon, and don’t want you to—information is power, and our car doctors are happy to provide you with a wealth of information to make your purchase.

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