What every Pre-Purchase Car Inspection needs

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What every Pre-Purchase Car Inspection needs

Pre-purchase used car inspections are an emerging trend in the used car industry that promise a higher quality experience for used car buyers. The Inspections can help add a trained eye to a big ticket purchase and if done well can avoid a "bad car" syndrome - experience by some naive buyers. The sellers of used cars most of the time are Auto Dealers and some have gotten a bad reputation of not sharing all the facts of the car. To help a new  "Used Car" buyer Car Inspections are the a very helpful of car buyers of all age" says Dominick, a qualified auto-industry inspector. Dominick has done over 2,000 used car inspections and found several hidden issues that made a buyer either optimize price or make another choice. When we queried the industry experts here are the top few things that they suggested.

What a Used Car inspection needs to include:

  • Car’s History: prior accidents etc. Sources include CarFax and AutoCheck
  • Professional Inspection Process – a standardized process to ensure it's not an adhoc inspection and follows a comprehensive process & by a qualified inspector
  • DTC Error Codes Check: Review  Car’s error Codes and issues
  • OBD - On Board Diagnostic Analysis: Review  Car’s OBD  -  to understand the pulse of the car
  • Comparison to Peers: so you know if you have a good value.

The problem with many service providers of used car inspections is that the process and expertise is adhoc. Sometimes car inspection take  multiple days and don’t include a fair process nor comparison to peers.

Vehicle Inspection Service Comparison

Vehicle Inspection Service Comparison

At CarDr.com we didn’t like the adhoc approach, unprofessional process and lack of OBD data analytics data  prior to making a big purchase decision -  so we are here to fix it.

CarDr.com provides used car inspections driven by car history, a process driven inspection, DTC error codes and OBD data analytics- allowing you to know how the inspected vehicle compares to it's peers. So you can know for certain that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

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