VIN Switch Scam detection - when purchasing a used vehicle

VIN Switch Scam detection – when purchasing a used vehicle

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Every vehicle produced has a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  on the dashboard that can be viewed through the windshield.

VIN switching is used by thieves to disguise the identity of a stolen vehicle by replacing the VIN plate with a number from a non-stolen vehicle. Fraudulent titles and papers can also be created to complete the scam. The unsuspecting customer then purchases the car and tries to register it, only to find out it’s stolen. Law enforcement takes the vehicle from the buyer, returns it to the original owner, and the buyer loses the entire cost of the car. The thieves are so adept at this, even used car dealerships have been tricked into selling a stolen vehicle. To help protect yourself against this scam, Inspector APP reads the VIN number from the vehicles On-Board Diagnostic OBD. The OBD  VIN and the windshield VIN plate must match. If they do not match, find another car to purchase as this vehicle VIN plate has been tampered with. This crime is on the rise, and avoiding it could save you an incredible amount of trouble and thousands of dollars.

Order a Used Car Inspection with VIN scam detection

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