Surprising Car Hacks That Don’t Require Duct Tape

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Car Hacks

Car Hacks

Do you own a car? If you do, or if you are shopping for a used car, did you know there are some easy tricks you can use to improve the appearance of the Car hacks? Not only that, you can learn how to use something as common and small as a penny to check how much life tires have left on them. 

A lot of people love owning their own car because it allows them to customize the vehicle to their preference. Some people spend a lot of money bringing their vehicles to professional customization shops while other people prefer modifying their own ride on a budget. 

If you like to tinker around with your car, chances are you want to keep the appearance of your vehicle as good as it looks now. You may even want to find some ways to improve how it looks without breaking the bank. Perhaps you just want to learn a little more about automotive maintenance. 

There are a lot of ways you can personalize your vehicle, but many of your options will require you to purchase items or parts. Keep reading to discover how you can use common household items to improve your car’s appearance or check the condition of the tires.  

Here are three surprising car hacks that don’t require duct tape: 

Bumper Sticker Removal

Ah, the bumper sticker. Society’s ultimate form of expression to display proudly on your car. Why not? After all, it’s your car. 

Well, perhaps a few years after applying the bumper sticker, you will have a change of heart. Maybe your favorite sports team relocated to a new market or you have a new point of view. You just want to get rid of that old bumper sticker without leaving any sticky residue behind on the paint. 

In some cases, the bumper sticker may not even be your fault. There are a lot of reasons to consider purchasing a used car, but what should you do if it has a bumper sticker on it? You’re in luck because there is a surprising hack you can try to get rid of the remaining bumper sticker residue after peeling it off. 

Say goodbye to unwanted bumper stickers and the residue they leave behind with something as common as a newspaper. Try peeling as much of the sticker off as you can. Then, take a sheet of newspaper and dampen it with water. Lay the damp newspaper sheet over the bumper sticker residue and wait about 15 minutes. 

The leftover residue should be easier to wipe away now. If there is still some pesky residue left behind, you can try using the side of a credit card to gently scrape it off. Be careful not to scratch the paint if you use a credit card. 

Use Toothpaste To Clean Foggy Or Cloudy Headlights

Over time, the lenses of your car’s headlights show wear-and-tear. They often become foggy or cloudy, which certainly does not look very appealing. Believe it or not, something as common as toothpaste can help you clean up your headlights. 

Simply place some toothpaste on a clean automotive rag and begin wiping the headlights with it. Keep scrubbing, allowing the toothpaste abrasives to slowly remove some of the imperfections. The toothpaste will help fill in small scuffs or scratches on the headlight housing. 

Wipe the headlights clean after working on them and see how much clearer they look. This surprising hack is very easy and definitely does not require any duct tape.  

Penny Tire Tread Depth Checker

Your car’s tires are important for your safety and ride comfort. Since they are constantly making contact with the road, they develop normal wear-and-tear until it is time to replace them. Do you remember the last time you replaced your tires? 

If it has been a while, you can use a simple penny to check the tread left on each tire. Take a penny and position Abraham Lincoln’s head to be upside down. Make sure you are looking at the ‘heads’ side of the coin and position the penny between the tread of each tire. If the tread covers any part of Lincoln’s head, your tires are still good to go. You will want to replace the tires as soon as possible if the tread does not reach Lincoln’s hair or head.  

This simple penny hack will help you know when it is time to replace your tires. You need to have enough tread left on each tire for it to perform its best. From handling to maintaining contact with the road in slippery conditions, having good tires on your vehicle plays a vital role in the safety of you and your passengers. 

Stay On Top Of Routine Maintenance To Keep Your Car Healthy 

You see? No duct tape is necessary and every item on this list is commonly found in most households. Cars are the place where people spend a majority of their time between home and wherever they have to go. It is fun to personalize the experience based on each driver’s individual needs. 

You also depend on your car to provide you with safe and reliable transportation. That’s why you do your best to take care of it. These three simple car hacks are easy to try at home, without any special tools or equipment. 

Most people keep their current car for six to ten years. Staying on top of routine maintenance helps extend the car’s lifespan while preserving its value as much as possible. If it has been a while since your car’s last tune-up, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your favorite shop soon.  

Eventually, it may be time to sell your current car while you begin searching for an upgrade. Whether you are selling or buying a used car, a mobile car inspection can show you the true condition of the vehicle. A used car inspection service can help you know how much the vehicle is actually worth by revealing its true condition to you.  

Not all used auto inspection companies offer nationwide service, and only one of them combines advanced inspection artificial intelligence with experienced inspectors. offers state-of-the-art, comprehensive end-to-end automobile inspections. Don’t just guess a vehicle’s condition and value by using Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values. Know everything there is to know about the car’s heartbeat and health with, before you buy or sell. 

Compare Used Car Inspection Companies

Compare Used Car Inspection Companies

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