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Odometer Rollback Fraud

How do we tell if an odometer has been rolled back?

There are two ways to detect Odometer rollback in Vehicles:

1)  Past Records: compare the mileage on the odometer with the mileage number on the vehicle maintenance  records

2) Reads OBD PID 166 from the Vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics – OBD:  A Vehicle Inspection APP reads the PID 166 and compares it with the dashboard odometer reading (read by a professional inspector).

A6 166 4 Odometer 0 526 385 151.9 hm (km/10) {displaystyle {frac {A(2^{24})+B(2^{16})+C(2^{8})+D}{10}}}

if PID 116 is not supported. Try a combination of

21 33 2 Distance traveled with malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on 0 65,535 km {displaystyle 256A+B}
31 49 2 Distance traveled since codes cleared 0 65,535 km {displaystyle 256A+B}

CarDr.com Inspector APP conduct this reading as a part of every inspection – it uploads it to the server and the server does a historical and dashboard odometer comparison.

A variance greater than 5% between dashboard Odometer and OBD Odometer reading is a  sign of Odometer rollback fraud.

OBD Odometer PID

OBD Odometer PID

The variance of “Dashboard Odometer” and “OBD Odometer” reading should be under 5%

The PID of Odometer

Dash Odometer reading

Dash Odometer reading

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