How Appraising Vehicles Helps Drive Business

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How Appraising Vehicles Helps Drive Business

Dealerships tend to sell off cars to customers at a lowered price in order to secure a quick deal. However, does this truly help business in the long run? If you want to grow your business, start first by appraising vehicles.

More than price, you need to provide services that help you acquire lifetime customers. Vehicle appraisals will help improve dealership operations, so you do not get left behind the competition!

Read on to get an overview of vehicle appraisal benefits and how you can leverage this service.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Vehicle Appraisals

It is time to do your due diligence and provide the customers with value and not just price. Let’s see how vehicle appraisals work to help dealerships thrive!

1.     Optimize Inventory

Managing a used or new car inventory is one of the first challenges that dealerships face. Vehicle appraisal platforms help build a robust inventory with detailed reliability ratings and vehicle history reporting for your customers.

It takes all the guesswork out of determining the car’s value! This way, you will get to sell a car that has gone through a quick but effective quality inspection.

The vehicle appraisal or inspection reporting also allows dealers to plan out a clearer pricing strategy. You can find the right price for every car based on the current market pricing that the vehicle appraisal provides.

2.     Source Verified Vehicles

One of the reasons why dealerships fail to get business is because they do not source the right cars. In a rush to close a deal, they may be ready to trade cars with anyone. However, not verifying it properly means getting stuck with a used car in bad condition in your inventory. The fast process can end up costing you more than it saved!

A pre-purchase vehicle appraisal eliminates the possibility of trading in with a car that is not what you expected. With online vehicle appraisals, you will get a comprehensive inspection report and supporting photographs.

3.     Sell More Cars

When you provide customers with verifiable data supporting its quality and credibility, you close profitable deals. Moreover, your reputation will grow among other car buyers who take notice of such positive experiences.

So you sell more cars, earn more profits and build lifetime value with customers who trust your dealership.

4.     Get Repeated Business

Often dealers leave the customers to do the appraisal check themselves. Most customers do not appreciate this, especially those who are new to the automotive resale or trade market.

Seamlessly done online vehicle appraisal and the fair valuation backed by current market data will appeal to the customer. As a result, they will consider the offer and come back to trade or sell with your dealership.

Getting A Vehicle Appraisal App

You can take it a step further and go beyond simple appraisal sites. Technological advancements and AI have paved the way for intelligent vehicle appraisal apps. So you need to adapt to the times by simplifying and digitizing your vehicle appraisals! is one such vehicle appraisal application. Let’s use its example to understand how vehicle appraisal apps are helping dealerships modernize.

All-In-One Platform

Inventory management gets harder when you need to maintain files for different inspection works. Dealers may be managing a separate file for driving tests and another for quality assurance. As the business grows, this kind of system becomes a mess, making you lose customers.

Apps like Vehicle Appraisal app give you a winning strategy by providing tools all in one place. Whether your vehicle inspector wants to give driving test feedback or examine the car panel, it all gets done in the app.

AI Accuracy

Human error is unavoidable, even when you get trained vehicle inspectors for car health inspection.

Vehicle appraisal apps use AI scanning to allow more information to be revealed regarding the car’s history and reliability. For instance, the Vehicle Appraisal app is paired with an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) tool that does full scans of the car.

The Bluetooth-enabled OBD scanner is connected to the car via the scan port. The adapter collects the data, which is sent to the Vehicle Appraisal app. Together, the two tools scan the vehicle against every possible error code a vehicle can generate.

AI technology helps understand the car’s current and future needs. By evaluating thousands of problem areas, vehicle inspectors can make an informed decision about the car’s value.

So dealers should invest in expert vehicle inspectors geared with this AI technology to conduct more thorough inspections.

Detailed Inspection

These apps have the capabilities to go beyond a simple inspection. Besides vehicle history, they will also analyze and examine diagnostic issues, driving issues, and real reviews from others who have used the car. Vehicle Appraisal app has similar features. In that, the app divides the extensive report into four parts –

  • Interior and exterior inspection
  • Driving inspection
  • Reliability rating
  • Mechanical inspection
  • OBD diagnosis

Moreover, OBD inspection is done based on over 200 parameters!

So vehicle appraisal apps will quality check everything, from engine lights to steering performance. They give you the power to ensure that every car part is in working order. You can also use this information to fine-tune your pricing!

Fraud Detection

Besides checking the car’s condition, vehicle appraisal apps also do a report dedicated to fraud detection. Some of the highly advanced vehicle appraisal apps leverage AI to find out if the mileage number or VIN has been tampered with.

These apps deal with all vehicle types. This makes it easier for them to detect when the car is getting a red flag in fraud detection.

Once the car passes the fraud detection, you will have peace of mind that it’s legit. After that, it gets easier to take things forward with your customers.

Integration With All Major Resources

If you wonder how apps get such accurate pricing, it is by relying on the top pricing resources or books. Even Vehicle Appraisal app has achieved real-time data integration with key players in the vehicle valuation market.

In addition to that, is partnered with CARFAX to keep all the pricing and vehicle history information up-to-date. You will be made aware if the car has gone through any damage.

Summing Up

Safe to say, vehicle appraisals prove to be useful in fast-tracking your business growth. They give you real-time data, inventory sourcing, and quick inspection reports with actionable insights. With the help of apps, you can get accurate car value and close the right kind of deals that matter!

In case you are unsure of using this technology, not to worry. Many companies provide vehicle inspectors qualified to handle such apps, helping you make the most of it!