Everything You Need to Know About VIN and Why Is It Important

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Everything You Need to Know About VIN and Why Is It Important

Purchasing a used car requires thorough inspection and diligence in determining the true value of the vehicle. Perhaps, you wish to sell a vehicle or are looking for your stolen car.

In all of these scenarios, you will need to know the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car. It is a 17-digit number that helps keep fraudulent activities at bay while also assisting in identifying vehicles for record-keeping and other purposes.

Though it might not sound too significant, this particular number holds immense importance for your vehicle. So, what is the hype about car VINs?

Walk through this blog post to explore all about what VIN is and why it is important!

What Is A VIN?

The VIN is like an ID for a vehicle, used by every company around the globe. It was introduced by the International Organization of standardization in 1980 to create a common form of vehicle identification.

VIN comprises a total of 17 characters, including numbers and alphabets (more about this in a bit). It is interesting to know that once a vehicle gets this ID, it stays with the car, motorbike, or other vehicles for life. Sounds noteworthy, doesn’t it?

Though a mere number, it is highly eminent for a car’s safety and multiple other purposes!

Where to Look for Your Car VIN?

The VIN can come in handy during multiple scenarios, which is why you must always keep it ready. Most importantly, you must look for this ID while dealing with cars. So, where to look for the VIN on your vehicle?

Finding VIN on the Car: The most common place to find the VIN is the windscreen. You will find the number sticker stuck at the bottom of your windscreen on the driver’s side.

Other places that you can spot a VIN on your car include the vehicle chassis, engine, doors, and the vehicle’s body. The prime essential thing to bear in mind here is that the VIN mentioned in different locations must match. If it does not, know something’s fishy!

Finding VIN on Documents: If you can access the vehicle’s documents, locating the VIN is child’s play. It is present on the car’s V5C registration document, insurance policy papers, or service records.

It should be present in the vehicle details box, usually with the field – ‘VIN/Chassis/Frame No.’ Get your 17-character VIN there.

Decoding The VIN – A Quick Breakdown

So, what really does a VIN tell you about the vehicle? Believe it or not, the 17 characters hold all you need to about your car’s history. Is it hard to believe?

Check out this quick breakdown of the VIN digits:

  • The first three digits: Also known as the World Manufacturer Identifier, this section tells you about the manufacturing country and the company. For example, Toyota vehicles with VINs beginning with 1, 4, or 5 are assembled in the US. Vehicles starting with 2 are built in Canada and 3 in Mexico.
  • Digits 4th to 8th: This is the Vehicle Description Section (VDS), where each of these characters represents the technical aspects of the car. These styles and types of engine, body, seatbelt, airbags, model line, and the vehicle series.
  • Characters 9 to 11: These are the security code, year, and the assembly plant of the vehicle, respectively.
  • Digits 12 to 17: The Vehicle Identifying Section (VIS) or the last section of the VIN is no code. It is simply a unique serial number of the vehicle.

When To Look For A VIN And How Can It Help?

Keeping all the information aside, why would you really need to look for the VIN on your vehicle?

Well, the US has hundreds and thousands of VIN frauds every day. Fraudsters may opt for cloning, tampering, or removal of the VIN, which can cause you some major trouble.

If the VIN of your vehicle is incorrect and the cops find out, you can even lose your car. That is because using another vehicle’s VIN is a criminal offense, and you may not be able to prove your innocence here.

Buying A Used Car

When purchasing a used car, you need to be sure about its history to prevent landing up with a lemon. One of the easiest yet most efficient ways is to get a detailed report on the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) that includes VIN.

You just need to plug in our easy-to-use Bluetooth OBD Adapter, and it will provide real-time data almost instantly. Thanks to AI!

Dealing A Car

Not only the buyers but also the sellers need to double-check the VINs. It is better to stay in the clear before letting others blame you for the fraud you did not do.

You can also use our CarDr.com Vehicle Inspection App and get detailed analysis reports on your smart device. This will let you be confident about your vehicle’s performance.

A Car’s History

You may wish to find out a car’s entire history, including safety recalls or other major recalls. You can consult CarDr.com, and our team of professionals will be more than happy to help.

We have partnered with CARFAX, so you will get an entirely up-to-date vehicle history report during the inspection session.

Searching For A Stolen Car

If you happen to lose your vehicle, the VIN can still be of immense help. Give it to the cops so they can track your car or its parts by searching through official databases.

Therefore, VIN is actually more vital than you considered it to be!

Keep Frauds At Bay By Checking The VIN – CarDr.com

The Vehicle Identification Number can help determine a vehicle’s authenticity, credibility, recalls through history, and other crucial information.

So, whether you plan to purchase a used car or try to sell one, your first step should be an inspection. This will allow you to ensure you do not fall prey to any fraudulent activities.

With CarDr.com, it becomes a significantly easy process. Our team of inspectors will only use the CarDr.com Vehicle Inspection App and the OBD device to get your work done. While the OBD scanner will diagnose and collect data, the application will process and send it to the AI.

Voila! You have your vehicle inspection report in no time, encompassing the VIN, mechanical history, diagnostics, and the current market valuation!

So, what’s the hold? Use the CarDr.com Vehicle Appraisal System and Bluetooth OBD adapter to find out the VIN and much more!

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