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CarDr.com Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal Solutions

The CarDr.com Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal system : Trade Scan App + OBD Device allow automotive dealers to make Instant OEM Level OBD Diagnostics :

  • OEM Level Scans: Detects B, C & P Codes to save thousands when purchasing Used Vehicles. 
  • Patterned Component Failure: Possible Components Failed + Labor Costs
  • Parts Cost : Ability to Order Parts

The Trade Scan App for Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal also integrates real time market pricing of all key industry prices and vehicle history data - MMR, AutoCheck, JD Power.

CarDr.com’s Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal Solutions comprises of the  “Trade Scan” smartphone App and CarDr.com's  Bluetooth OEM Quality OBD Device

The Trade Scan App for Vehicle Diagnostic and Appraisal provides seamless real time integrations with all of the industry valuation services

  • Manheim MMR
  • JD Power
  • Autocheck.

The CarDr.com Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal System is an essential tool that informs dealers of OEM level Trouble Codes and potential issues using the  integrated Bluetooth OBD Device that reads 90%+ diagnostic codes. The Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal system is an innovative appraisal tool "Built by dealers for dealers".

CarDr.com Trade Scan App for OEM Diagnostics & Vehicle Appraisal

CarDr.com Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal System provides an industry leading wireless On Board Diagnostic device, Trade Scan App integrated with Industry's leading price and history sources

The CarDr.com Trade Scan App provides an easy way for dealers to make comprehensive appraisals, while also taking advantage of advanced On Board Diagnostics to determine Diagnostic Trouble Codes and VIN Fraud Detection.

CarDr.com Dealer Appraisal Solution Summary

CarDr.com Trade Scan features the ability to add up to 14 pictures & allows the user to add notes to each appraisal. These features will offer the ability for multiple users to complete vehicle appraisals while allowing management to review from their desktop dashboard.

CarDr.com Trade Scan App offers a database driven Vehicle Appraisal Reports instantly created and stored in a database for current and future needs. Appraisal Reports can also assist dealerships in demonstrating to the customer the vehicles true condition and actual value. The appraisal report has proven to be a valuable tool to automotive wholesalers to easily share appraisal reports to their potential buyers in PDF Format.

CarDr.com performs the Auto Industry’s most Comprehensive OBD Analytics – using a Bluetooth connected OBD adapter, Much of this technology is based off of our world class existing Inspection app. Learn More - Science of Car Inspection.

Trade Scan App - Landing Screen

Trade Scan App - Data Sources

Trade Scan App - OBD Scan

Repair Cost Estimation

Trade Scan App - Repair Cost Estimation

Advanced On Board Diagnostics

Vehicle History Reports / Vehicle Valuations

  • 90%+ Coverage on vehicles sold in the US
  • OBD-II Codes - C, B, & P Codes -  DTC, ABS, SRS, TCM
  • VIN Fraud Detection
  • AutoCheck
  • Manheim MMR

  • J D Power

Advanced Searchable Appraisal Reports

Appraisal Report

What is included with the CarDr.com Trade Scan App:

The CarDr.com Trade Scan App includes all of the proprietary technology behind our advanced OBD analytics and Fraud detection. Along with that, the app will also allow picture taking and dynamic report generation. Users will be able to view previous appraisals on the App and on the Web.

We are integrated with several industry leaders to provide top-quality services. AutoCheck, JD Power and Manheim MMR are all available with our subscription. During the signup process, dealerships can choose which integrations they can view real-time on the VIN #.

Call 1-800-932-1120 to request a demo of the CarDr.com Trade Scan App!

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CarDr.com's Trade Scan App provides OEM Level OBD Diagnostics, patterned component failure & live market vehicle pricing data. 

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Our CarDr.com system revealed over $5000 mechanical defects on a recent Ram truck trade in.

Senior Management Team, Texas Toyota Dealership 


CarDr.com system alerted  for defective hybrid battery system. Potential loss trade of $3000+ saved

Senior Management Team, Texas Honda Dealership


Our hard-wire shop scanner failed to detect any of the problems  revealed by CarDr.com scanner

Senior Management Team, Lincoln-Ford Dealership