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CarDr.com's OBD Diagnostics as a service - Integrate into your Application or system

 CarDr.com stands ready to bring the world class OBD diagnostic engine into your Application, product or App.
 We will white label our system - so you can integrate it into your product.
 Please contact sales for information and pricing. Download our app (account needed)

 Steps: 1. Add Diagnostic Tab to your APP - connect to the Bluetooth OBD reader & send read DTC and get results.
             2. Server Side API for backend data by VIN & OBD Reader ID.

Cost: There is a setup fee & per read fee. Minimums monthly fee per live OBD reader applicable.

CarDr.com OBD Diagnostics - SDK and API is available now!

OEM Level Scans: using our world class hand held OBD reader + system - Detect B, C & P Codes to help your customers save thousands when purchasing Used Vehicles or accepting trade in's

Patterned Component Failure: Possible Components Failed + Labor Costs

Parts: Order Parts, check availability & price from vendor of your choice - WHI integration available.

IOS - SWIFT / Android kotlin + json all platforms supported.
Contact us for more details.